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Limoni Siracusani

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The lemon comes to Sicily from the East, diffused and cultivated during the Arab domination, becoming a symbol of our agriculture. Dwellings of the Rutaceae family and this precious fruit was obtained by grafting the pomelo with the cedar. It can be reproduced by grafting or by cutting. It has very fragrant flowers, the famous orange blossom. Its branches are full of thorns, it has lanceolate leaves and the fruits are green or yellow depending on the time of harvest.

Its most important cultivation took place from the 17th century in the Syracuse area by the Jesuits. The lemon was immediately used for special and niche recipes. The spread of cereals throughout the island took place at the end of the 19th century, reaching a production of about 11,600 tons of crops, which was a source of economic revitalization of the island. In fact, many companies converted or were even born to grow lemons.

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